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Herman the Hermit Crab
A Reel Dilemma
Herman the Hermit Crab
A Reel Dilemma

The rugged, old fisherman named Mr. G loved the beach, the surf, the breezes, and the sunsets and sunrises at Oak Island. What he most loved was to set up his fishing gear and bask in the calm and grace of fishing. He liked to walk along the beach and look for seashells, especially in the “puffs of white foam…stretched out on the sand.”

On one seemingly ordinary day at the beach, Herman the hermit crab splashed, rolled, and tumbled in the waves. Over the course of the day, the waves turned gray and rougher. When Mr. G’s rod suddenly bent over, Herman felt an ominous tug on his shell. As Mr. G tightly grabbed his rod to do battle with what he hoped was a really big fish, Herman’s shell home was tossed to and fro. Finally, the shell came to an abrupt halt on the beach.

Mr. G laughed at the shell and its contents, took off the line and hook, and set Herman upright. Each time Herman flopped upside down again. Finally Herman stayed right side up and headed back toward the ocean. All was right with the world as Herman rejoined his friends and Mr. G baited his hook, fished, and dreamt of a fish dinner.

The book’s soothing, rhyming, lyrical text will have you feeling the ebb and flow of the tides. The tranquility of the beach. The delight of the sunrise. Again. And again.

Herman the Hermit Crab

During a seashell hunt on Oak Island in North Carolina, the author of this charming picture book encountered Herman the hermit crab. Herman was the only one in his seaside traveling pack of hermit crabs that didn’t have a shell. Or did he? His was a tiny one at the end of his tail. He had long since outgrown his former home. The rhyming text and peaceful illustrations will put readers in the middle of the beach scene. The author has emotionally described her transition from feelings of mirth to ones of sadness for poor Herman who didn’t have a home. Her decision to help Herman and what happens after that will delight readers and listeners alike. You will be able to hear the gentle lapping of the waves as you enjoy reading and rereading this book with or to a young reader. And I guarantee that you will never look at a seemingly empty shell in the same way that you did before.

Rainbow Silk

The dancer in Author Cindy Hollingsworth has crafted this lively, colorful, exuberant story about a little girl and her new friend Rainbow Silk. First the silk floated by her home and asked the girl to play.

They had a joyful, lighthearted time as they raced up a hill and laughed. Suddenly dark clouds appeared in the sky, and her newfound friend disappeared in a gust of wind. But as it floated away, Rainbow Silk assured her it would come back once the sun returned.

When the rain finally stopped, her friend reappeared in an arch high in the sky. It promised to float to her doorstep again once it had made wishes come true with its pink, yellow, green, and blue.

The fun and joys of friendship abound!

Twig’s Christmas Dream

Twig is a small Christmas tree in a lot filled with larger trees. The larger trees are standing at the front of the lot under the lights. Little Twig is alone in the back in the dark by a shed. He’s afraid he’ll never have that Christmas-tree look.

One cold night Twig’s tears freeze to his branches. A mother notices his sparkling branches and calls to her son. Johnny is thrilled that she has found Twig, his perfect Christmas tree

Herman the Hermit Crab

Tommy loved trains and the sounds trains made. He played with his toy train: a red engine, boxcars, fuel car, flat car, passenger car, and yellow caboose.

Tommy’s parents surprised him with a ride on a real train! They rode the historic train and heard all the train’s noises. From big, wide seats, they watched the big train wheels turn around, passed forests and hills, chugged upward slowly, and flew down fast. They saw many toy trains in the store afterward.

Tommy would never forget that train ride! Neither will you.

Anna’s Ballet Costume

The rhyming text in this story sparkles with Anna’s excitement and anticipation about her special ballet costume. She envisions its soft pink net, puffy bow, lace, and glittering sequins. She can hardly wait to see it.

Throughout this charming tale is woven a happy tune about Anna’s shimmering costume that runs through Anna’s head day and night.

As she whirls and twirls in her sparkly costume at her performance, Anna creates dance memories that will last. She’ll make you want to get up and dance along with her. Young dancers will be sure to love this book.

Thomas Stuart Town Cat

Thomas Stuart is a formerly feral cat that found his way to Stuart, Virginia, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There he was noticed by Erica and Stephanie who work in Attorney Christopher A. Corbett’s law office in downtown Stuart. The Law Trio welcomed Thomas into their office with open arms. The striped tabby enjoys lying on the legal papers, playing with his toys and sprawling in a variety of positions in his hammock bed from which he eyes clients in whom he takes an interest, and entertaining everyone with his antics. Each day Thomas strolls to a variety of businesses in Stuart for extra chin rubs and back scratches.

He’s well loved by the citizens of the town. In Thomas’s book, the author Cindy W. Hollingsworth has included delightful poems throughout the story that detail Thomas’s adventures. Indeed the stars aligned perfectly to bring Thomas to Stuart, Virginia, to The Law Trio and the town folk there who love him. “Yes indeed, the tabby has been one lucky cat. Or was it the citizens of the town of Stuart who were lucky?”

A Teddy For Freddie

Sarah missed her “bestest” friend Freddie who wasn’t in class for days. She and Freddie liked to create wild, crazy, colorful animal pictures in art class. But Freddie wasn’t in class.

Sarah asked their teacher about Freddie. Her teacher knew how much Sarah missed him. Later Sarah talked with her mom about Freddie.

The next week, Freddie still wasn’t back in school. Sarah was getting more unhappy. The teacher told the class that Freddie was in the hospital and might not return for awhile. She had students make get-well cards to make Freddie feel better.

Sarah told her mom the news, and her mom told her they’d visit Freddie in the hospital. The next day, Sarah made a special card for Freddie.

All the other students’ cards were delivered to Freddie in the hospital. Sarah and her mom visited him there, and Sarah gave him her creative, colorful card herself.  

This book is sure to make readers think about their bestest friends too.

Tippaley Toe

Children will delight in Ms. Hollingsworth’s fictional telling of a French Mouse and the little girl that loves to watch his dancing comical antics within her home, even dodging the young girl’s big fat sassy cat!

The dapper, charming mouse named Tippaley Toe will entrance readers with his lively, acrobatic dances. His red vest, bow tie, spats, and French chapeau create the fashionable look of a true performer. The girl for whom he performs takes delight in his every move, so Tippaley entertains her by dancing, scurrying, and scampering all around. She giggles as he taps his feet and twirls his whiskers. Though she hates to see his show come to an end at bedtime, she knows she’ll see Tippaley Toe again the next day. Readers will be tapping their toes along with the lighthearted, rhyming cadence of the text. They’ll be clamoring to read about Tippaley Toe’s antics again and again.

*Award Winning*
Westie Tails-Meet Two Little Westies

Cindy Hollingsworth has crafted a lively, sweet poem about her two loyal, dependable companions named Watson and Bill. They are her West Highland white terriers and have been her favorite friends for years. She has included ways that faithful canine companions can provide comfort and unconditional love and will always be there for their owners. As Cindy wrote, their “personality, love, and devotion rank at the very top.” Underlying this enchanting rhyming text are gentle reminders of the ways that responsible pet owners provide for and take care of their pets. You’ll see dogs you have known in the charming artwork that enhances Cindy’s tale, and you just might have a good laugh or two.

Westie Tails—Meet Two Little Westies has won the 2016 Maxwell Medallion in the Children’s Books category of the Dog Writers Association of America.

Westie Tails
The Great Possum War

Cindy Hollingsworth’s two West Highland white terriers have been her loyal, dependable companions for years. In this exciting, lively poem, Watson and Bill ended a busy day with their owner by doing battle on their deck with a possum that has dared to encroach on their territory. Their escapades with the possum that was eating seed from the birds’ feeder led to some heroic moves by their owner. She did her best to keep both the dogs and the possum safe. You’ll enjoy the action, the suspense, and the thrills as the Westie warriors defend their territory from the invader. Will the possum and the two Westies avoid getting bitten on their noses? You’ll have to read this book to find out how the battle ends.